At Big Rapids Digital, we will look at the home addresses of people and then use those to build a custom target audience list for you. This capability is very useful if your goal is to create new lists that aim at marketing to people based on where they live. The type of list we create can also be used to serve all your existing customers that live in a specific area with digital ads.

Serving Ads to People Based on Their Home Address

Until recently, it was only possible to reach people at specific addresses if you use the postal service. You could only use physical mail to get something like coupons to specific neighborhoods.

Things have improved radically!

Big Rapids Digital now offers the service whereby you can use addressable geo-fencing! We set up addressable geo-fencing that enables you to connect digitally with any individual easily and simply. It is amazingly straightforward to use the process! Simply provide us with a file (like a spreadsheet or Google doc) with a list of customer addresses you want to target. We will then use that list and send any digital ads you specify directly to those customers’ devices. We’re able to do this while they’re at home or not!

If you don’t yet have a customer list, that’s not a problem! If you provide us with zip codes, streets, or neighborhoods that you want to target, we can easily create a new customized list based on those. We can then serve your digital ads to every home in those areas. We can also map out your preferred areas by using a combination of our addressable geofencing technology and geo-conquesting advertising.

Benefits of Using Addressable Geo-Fencing

  • Included as many as one million addresses in the campaign
  • Vastly improved performance when compared with campaigns based on IP addresses
  • Using GPS data makes it extreme accuracy
  • Foot traffic is counted in
  • Send digital ads to people for up to 30 days after they’ve visited your business
  • We create local appeal by personalizing creatives
  • Cross-device advertising means we send to more than just home devices

Our Process

How Our Addressable Geo-Fencing Works

You export your contacts from your CRM. Or we build an address list from our 1st party location and demographic data.
Addresses are matches using the county plat lines for exact boundaries around the property
We geo-fence every addresses that we found a match for. Then we choose whether to apply cross-device matching for household computers and CTV devices (depending on your campaign needs)
Our data updates every day to capture mobile devices of anyone who enters the address (house guests, customers, travelers etc)

Types of Business That Gain the Most by Using Addressable Geo-Fencing

Fast food restaurants specializing in takeout and delivery
Healthcare professionals like dentists and vets
Politicians, political parties, local issue advocates
Home service providers such as utilities or landscapers
Auto dealers and automotive service providers
Real estate pros such as agents and brokers
Financial services such as local banks
Direct mail pairing with post cards, catalogs etc
Local charities and fundraising efforts
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