Serve Your Ads to Everyone that Has Attended an Event!

Many companies would love to be able to reach out to all attendees of specific events. If you are interested in doing this, the ideal tool for you is Event Geo-Fencing! We will target a specific venue such as arenas or convention centers by leveraging our cutting-edge technology. We then use the data to create a list of all individuals who attended the specific event, and use this as an advertising audience to serve your digital ads to!  Although the technology used is similar to that which is deployed for mobile geo-conquesting, it is different in that we’ll build the audience of all people that attend an event as it takes place, rather than creating it over time. These audiences typically convert at much higher rates than normal, providing it is done correctly!

As an example, companies that supply products or services to the medical industry will be able to reach out easily to all medical professionals that have been to a specified convention. We can also capture big concerts’ attendees and use this for example for an ad campaign by music store owners. This technology is also extremely effective for B2B advertising when used to identify all individuals who attend an industry event!

Event Types That Are Typically Framed

Conventions, conferences, and tradeshows

Sporting events (pro sports, NCAA, and more)

Concerts and music tours

Radio remotes

Theatre performances and Musicals

Fairs, Oktoberfest, Carnivals

Community and Cultural Events

Fundraisers and Benefits


How Is Event Geo-Framing Done?

Follow These Simple Steps to Capture A Dream Audience:


Select the event to whose audience you want to advertise

Geo-frame the event’s venue for as long as it lasts

During the specified period, the mobile numbers of everyone attending the event will be captured

Send your mobile ads to the attendees

Continue sending for up to a month

We do everything transparently and will help you to evaluate each portion of the event geo-framing campaign. We’ll collect all data, from the number of IDs captured to the number of impressions sent to each. We’ll also meticulously track click-through performance and keep measuring how many people ultimately visit your business.

We’ve been helping customers with campaigns where we set up event fences that identified all individuals entering a park while a weekend festival was being held and then served people leaving the area with custom ads.

We’ve set an event fence to capture anyone who enters the park to attend a weekend festival
We then show ads to people after they leave the event

Keep In Touch With the Audience of Your Own Events

Event Geo-Framing can be used for more than creating audiences for a business. If your business organizes its own event, you can use Event Geo-Framing as an ideal additional marketing tool. Events often don’t use a registration process, and this presents a problem if you want to reach out to event attendees. This is where it makes sense to geo-frame the event you’re organizing! This will allow you to get in touch with all attendees to let them know about your next event, and will help you in getting them to return time and again!

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